2022 Binoculars Buying Guide

Are you a hunting enthusiast, fisherman, birdwatcher, sports fan or stargazer? Binoculars are a must for these activities.

How to buy binoculars can be a challenging task when presented with so many features and prices. Most people do not have the patience or the inclination to perform extensive research before buying. We are here to make your life easier and provide you information and tips to make your binocular review more enjoyable and rewarding.

What To Look For When Buying Best Binoculars

Many people do not realize that binoculars should be selected based on their uses. First decide what you are using them for and then select the one especially made for that activity. This will save you money on extra features that are not needed. For example, waterproof binoculars are a must for birdwatching in boats or canoes. This is not a necessity for backyard birdwatchers or indoor sports fans. The most powerfull binoculars are not needed for the casual user.

How Do Binoculars Work?

You do not have to be know all the technical details, but you should have a basic understanding of how binoculars work. Terms such as magnification, exit pupil, field of view, eye relief and interpupillary distance are explained here so that you can find the ones that fit your needs. We translate those terms into common questions such as how far can I see, what is the clarity, color and sharpness, what size do I need, how do I focus, and can I use binoculars with glasses.

Other more technical terminology is also explained in Buying Binoculars section.

Who Makes The Best Binoculars?

Steiner, Fujinon, Bushnell and Swarovski, Nikon, and Zeiss are just a few of the most popular manufacturers. Each company is well known and has its own specialization. Some are known for quality and low cost; some are recommended for child binoculars; some specialize in military and defense applications while others for marine usage. For example, Bushnell Travel Binoculars are rated among the best for travel and excursions.

Some are so confident about their quality that they offer lifetime warranties. Read about the manufacturers here before deciding on a make or model.

So whatever your hobby is, your choice in binoculars is an important one. Our goal is to provide enough information here so that even novices can shop fairly intelligently for the Best Binoculars.